The Cure for Chaotic Photography Sessions

We’ve all been there: you wake up late and already feel behind, only to race to the studio and find that your clients are early and waiting there for you.  You make small talk and invite them in, stumble through a stressful shoot that doesn’t ever seem to “click” and finish in the nick of time (only to do it all over again with another client later that day). This is a classic case of chaotic photography sessions.

It makes my heart race just THINKING about working that way! If your sessions are feeling stressful and out of control, your clients are probably feeling it too – which means it’s time to fix it

Your sessions can (and should!) feel like a breeze to you AND your clients, and the cure for chaos is even easier than you might have thought…


If you don’t have workflows in your business, NOW IS THE TIME to implement them! Workflows are a total game-changer and, once you have them, you’ll never go back. A great workflow can single-handedly CURE even the most chaotic photography sessions. 

But what exactly is a workflow, you ask?

A workflow is a strategic process you follow for completing your work tasks. 

It makes your work consistent and repeatable so you can recreate great experiences again and again!

Now you might be thinking, hey, I’m CREATIVE! I don’t want to be put into a box, and I definitely don’t want my sessions to follow a script!

I hear you – but that is NOT what a workflow does! A workflow gives you steps to follow so you can better manage your time and your customer experiences. It actually gives you even more space and time to be creative! These workflow processes are like a pattern you follow and the rest of what you do is total artwork.  All of the best creatives use a combination of art and process, which is why workflows are SO important for a sustainable photography business. 


Creating your workflows takes a little planning, but TRUST ME, it’s worth the work! 

Begin by making a list of all the steps your clients take with you, from their first communication to the last time they see you. Notice what that process looks like. How many times do you communicate with them? How do you share information? Workflows are a great way to automate this process by anticipating your client’s needs and simplifying the delivery of information. 

Are there questions you ALWAYS get asked by your clients? Create a PDF guide to share with them after they book with you. Do you like to send thank-you’s to your clients but tend to forget? Use an automation system like Mailchimp or Flodesk (here’s my link for a discount on Flodesk!) so you can schedule a thank-you to go directly to them after their services are completed.

Workflows can go SO MUCH further than just your client communication; they can also be used to help you hit all the poses you’d like to fit into a shoot. I set up workflows that are an outline of my posing process and cycle through them with each shoot. These workflows not only keep me on task and help me hit every shot, but also help ensure smooth transitions for my clients. This is essential when you’re shooting kids and newborns because you’ll lose their attention and good behavior really quickly without the proper strategy!

My posing workflows are like gold to me, and it’s taken me years to polish them into something that’s repeatable, predictable, and, above all, great for my business. I truly wouldn’t be where I am today without them!

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