A 7-week coaching program for photographers who are ready to transform their business with a proven strategy and sexy systems to support  their business dreams of working less, while making more  - avoiding the extra hustle and burnout. 

ditch the business overwhelm and Become





feeling stuck

Tired of feeling stuck and stressed when it comes to your business?

Which one Do you relate to?

You actually LIKE running your photography business!  The organizational work and strategy involved makes your heart sing.  The hard part has been balancing it all... just when you think you've caught up on everything you realize you forgot 5 other things, and you constantly feel like you're putting out fires and hustling until you're worn out... you love what you do, but deep down you know you can't work like this forever... something's gotta change!

You started your photography business because you're passionate about people and love taking pictures. But.. after a few years of burning the wick at both ends, you're starting to realize, the business side is confusing and EXHAUSTING, you hate doing it, and wish you had more time to just work ON your business instead of in it. 

You've been at this photography-game for awhile now and have tried all sorts of business-building tactics... but nothing seems to stick. You're looking for measurable results and if things keep going the way they are... you're not sure you want to do it anymore! You don't want to walk away... but you also don't want to work like this forever. You're looking for the next step but not quite sure where to begin.

If one of these hit home, you keep reading. Your life is about to change forever.

real talk

I'm in!

Let's get something straight: the solution to your problems is not 'hustle harder' 

The solution to a stressful photo biz is to become streamlined and Strategic AF - when you do this correctly, your success becomes NATURAL.

real talk

I'm in!

Let's get something straight: the solution to your problems is not 'hustle harder' 

The solution to a stressful photo biz is to become streamlined and Strategic AF - when you do this correctly, your success becomes NATURAL.

Allow you the freedom to enjoy your art again, instead of worrying about how much you aren't getting done

Consistently bring you clients that align with your brand, so you're finally making the $$ you deserve

Free up your time that you used to spend on tedious tasks, so you can ENJOY your time off

Give you massive peace of mind because you have a clear strategy that is custom-made for your business

WHAT IF A FEW Strategic systems COULD:

All it takes is the right strategy and the correct systems to support you in running your business and living your life.  Ditch the exhaustion of hustle paired with never feeling like you're doing enough.


guess what?

You can run a successful business AND still have a life.

A 7-week coaching program for photographers who are ready to transform their business with a proven strategy and sexy systems to support their business dreams of working less, while making more - avoiding the extra hustle and burnout. 


I need this!

Theresa B.

There is an ocean of information here. Meghan is the real deal. This is worth every penny, so glad I did this! 

Worth every penny.

Danielle S. 

This is amazing and full of details. I would recommend it to anyone who feels like they get stuck or just needs a refresher on what will set you up for success.

I can't say enough good things 

The three essential systems (Back-end, Branding + Marketing, and Sales) broken down into clear and easy to implement tasks, that have been working to support me in my business for 10+ years.

Weekly Live Coaching Calls with yours truly where we'll dive deep into the three systems that you need to lock down in your biz.

A personalized Systems Audit - where my team and I will dig into your specific business (including your website) to find where the holes are.

Daily Support In Slack where you'll be able to have all of your questions asked as you build out your own systems in your business.

Done-for-You Resources and Fill in the blank Templates such as email responses, pricing calculators, organizational systems and more! 

20+ years of photography experience at your disposal so you can get your business set up to support you for the long run. 

I need this!

Here's what’s waiting for you inside Strategic AF

a closer look inside the program

Lets break it down

Week One

Back-End Basics:  WTF is a back-end? 
Understand the systems for managing emails, client onboarding, editing, ordering, number tracking, accounting, and outsourcing.  Learn strategies for EACH of these systems so you can go from mayhem to mastery.

Week Two

Back-End Tour + Implementation
- See alll of my systems for all these programs
- Implement new systems in your business (don't worry, I'll help you!!!)
- Get personalized feedback on your back-end strategy, so it's in tip-top shape!

Week Three

Marketing Magic + Brand Alignment
- Receive personalized recommendations for your marketing strategy and branding, including a full marketing audit, done by myself and my team.
- Understanding brand positioning and how to align your marketing with your brand.  
- Social strategy, simplified and streamlined for YOUR business.

Week Four

Marketing Tour + Implementation
- Tour of my brand positioning and marketing systems
- Support in implementing magical marketing systems in your unique business
- Systems for consistency, so you can rinse and repeat.

Week Five

Savvy Sales Systems
- Build an understanding of where 'sales' are working within your business
- Learn about systems for guided sales, client education, and prosperous products
- Discover how to sell with integrity

Week Six

Sales Systems Tour + Implementation
- See a full tour of my sales systems and how they work in my business
- Receive 1:1 guidance and support in implementing sales systems that will work for YOU
- Connect your sales systems with your back-end and marketing for instant magic

Week Seven

Keys to long-term success
- Learn how to evaluate your progress for constant growth
- Discover the key to sustainable systems so you can keep everything running smoothly
- Understand when it's time for a systems touch-up, and what EXACTLY to do about it.

LIVE weekly calls

Hop on zoom with me every week as I teach each lesson LIVE.
- Meet other photographers who are also working on their business
- Get 1:1 support from me
- Keep the momentum going with extra accountability

Stefani d.

I've been a newborn photographer for many years, but seeing her workflow and tips was so eye opening! I'm so excited to take my business to the next level!

I'm so excited to take my business to the next level!


If I can build a thriving, balanced business, so can you!

A burnt-out wedding photographer turned portrait studio-owner who loves growing her business and coaching other photographers how to create success on their terms.  
I got so tired of hustling in my business... I wanted to spend time with my family, take vacations with friends, and you know... LIVE my life!  So I knew I had to change the way I worked so I could finally feel supported.  I implemented the sexy systems that are the foundation of my coaching program, and it has allowed me to grow to a multi-six figure photography business all while keep my nights and weekends free!!

Hi,I'm Meghan

I know you didn't start your photography business so you could work all the time, feel constant stress, and feel stuck because you have no idea what to do to fix it.  Who wants that?  Life does not have to be that way.  Your business doesn't have to be stressful.  Repeat after me: I'm not going to work harder, I'm going to work SMARTER.  Get your life back - you deserve it.

Get your life back

No more spinning your wheels wondering what to do to reach your goals.  By week seven of the program, you'll be SET UP for everything... complete with strategic(AF) systems for every part of your business.

You'll have aStrategic AF Plan for... everything

Never feel scattered because everything will be right where you left it - you've taken the time to set up sustainable systems that keep your business SO organized, your day planner will be jealous.

You'll be so organized, your day planner will be jealous


By the end of the program

All the wins

yes please

Plus, these epic Program Perks!! 

When you enroll now, you’ll get exclusive access to:


My eyes on your business

Customized recommendations based on your unique business!  I comb through your specific processes, marketing and positioning to give you a customized plan for your success.


Templates for everything

Not only will you get to look at all of my sexy systems (yeah... I said it!!!), you'll also get templates for implementing and customizing systems for your business - making implementation a breeze.


Swift set up For Sales Success

We've partnered with my friends over at Swift Galleries to get all Strategic AF students a 15% discount on their Swift Galleries membership as well as a bonus lesson that will walk you step by step through using Swift Galleries for your In-Person (and virtual) sales meetings.

strategic af

When I first got started running a business, I had no idea what I was doing.  I went to college to be a photographer....they didn't teach ANYTHING about running a photography business!  Now I've been in the biz 20+ years and have tried just about everything.... including the latest 'hacks' to get more done in a day (which just led to more hustle and burnout).
About 10 years ago, I decided to change the game.  I wanted my life back!  I wanted to have an amazing business that supported my life - not a business that WAS my life.  The systems inside this program allowed me to scale my photography business and live the life I'd been dreaming about (you know, the one where you get to go on vacations, the one where you're NOT working all the time!!).  If you're ready to grow your business sustainably, but you're not sure what to do next, this coaching program was made FOR YOU.

Trust me - I've tried it both ways!

The key to a stress-free business isn't working harder, it's working smarter.

strategic af



No. 1

The program begins the August 15th, 2022 and runs for seven weeks.  

No. 2

You'll have access to the full program for one year. Transcripts and video recordings of the calls will be available for life. 

No. 3

If you are a photographer who is trying to grow your business, get more clients, be more efficient and have fun doing it, this will work for you.  The program is fully customizable and applicable to almost any photography business model, from portraits, to weddings, to event photography.

No. 4

If you haven't started your business yet, or if you're still learning to use your camera, this may be a little more than you need at this stage - however!  If you are a real go-getter and love to learn, you will find all the strategies that will help you build your business RIGHT from the ground up.

No. 5

While all lessons will be recorded for your viewing pleasure, I do recommend attending live. 

No. 6

I want to make sure this is a beneficial training for you, so if you feel like this program isn't for you, send me an email within 10 days of your purchase and I'll give you a full refund.

Strategic AF

let's do this!

If you're ready for the Strategic AF coaching program, group coaching calls, 1:1 support, all of my systems and strategies, customized for your business, apply below and I'll be in touch asap!

apply here!

Set up your discovery call

Apply here:


Apply for the Strategic AF Coaching program so we can hop on a call to see if it's the right fit.  This is a limited-space, high-touch coaching program, where you will get 1:1 support directly from me so we can transform your business together - and I want to make sure it's right for you!

Ready to Begin?

In less than two months, you’ll completely transform the way you work for a stress-free, streamlined, photo business that supports the life you want to live.

This IS for you if:

This is NOT for you if...

You're ready to learn and implement a new STRATEGY 







I personally can’t wait to share this process with you so you can change your business (and your life).

I know first-hand how stressful it is juggling ALL THE THINGS, and trying everything you can to make your dream for your business work.

If you’re a photographer who's finally ready to implement sustainable systems and become strategic AF so you can finally feel ON TOP of your business, scale it to the next level, and have your life back, this is the program for you. 

See you inside!

- Meghan

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