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feeling stuck

Tired of feeling stuck when it comes to your business?

BEEN THERE. Done That.
BUT YOU DON’T HAVE to stay stuck.

When you're feeling stuck in your biz, it's time to try something new!  I've put together these handy templates and guides that will CHANGE the way you work.  Ready to dive in?

theresa b.

Meghan is the real deal. If there is one guide to buy for newborn photography, it is this one. There is an ocean of information here and this guide is worth every penny."

Have you ever wanted to pop in to someone else's business to learn what tools they use to create their magic?  The resources I've gathered are the tools I've used for YEARS in my newborn business. It takes a lot of time and trial-and-error to find the right gear for your sessions, which is why I've curated a list of my all-time favorites for you. 

Find all of my favorite props, tools and extras at the link below.

Stop searching for the perfect tools - I've already found them!

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It might feel like the key to selling is written in a secret language - but I'm here to tell you that landing big sales is easier than you think! Check out my quick and easy guide to making more money at your very next session.

Four ways to 4x Your Profits at Your Next Session

Stef d.

"I'm so excited to take my posing to the next level change up my angles, and get more than just the basics."