3 Secrets For Repurposing Social Content

Aaaaah, social media content.  The bane of every business owner’s existence.  Maybe you like creating social content – if that’s you, I applaud you!!  If you would rather be doing almost anything else, you’ll love these 3 secrets for repurposing social content.  

Repurposing is the secret to making social media content creation sustainable. I’d even say, repurposing also makes social content creation ENJOYABLE!  This is because each item you create can be turned into a bunch of other pieces of valuable content!  It’s magical.

Repurposing doesn’t come easily to all of us, so here are my 3 secrets to repurposing social content.

Keep it simple when you’re repurposing social content. 

When you’re coming up with ideas for social content, it’s easy to go all out.  When this happens, it’s much harder to hone in on your message to speak directly to your customers!  This is why the first secret to repurposing social content is to keep it simple.  Start with just ONE idea and turn it into several different items.  Here’s an example:

Let’s say you have a social post about a recent session you just did.  You have a pic from your session and a little blurb about it.  Great!

Now, let’s repurpose it.  Take the same photo from the session, and turn it into a carousel graphic with a few other photos from the session (just make the cover photo different from the one you just posted).  Then, take the photos from the slider graphic, and make a collage Pinterest graphic.  Finally, take your collage graphic and put it in a blog post (using the blurb you wrote for social media.  Can you see the endless possibilities?  Keep it simple, it works!!

Use templates. 

The quickest way to repurpose your content is to use templates to do so!  I have templates for carousels, IG posts, blog graphics and Pinterest graphics.  This way, all I have to do is change out the titles and add a new pic each time to make it fresh!  Repurposing is supposed to be easy.  If you find yourself working too hard on something, remind yourself that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel 🙂 

Finally, the last secret to repurposing content is to recycle!  

I know, that sounds redundant… but hear me out.  Sometimes you work really freakin hard on a bunch of social content.  I write blogs every week and after awhile I’m like, what am I going to write about?!  This is a sign it’s time to recycle.  There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Go back through your blogs/social posts and see if there’s a spinoff you could do on part of the topic you discussed
  • Look back at your posts with highest engagement.  Can you do something similar again?
  • If you keep a blog and you have posts that were published a couple of years ago, go back through, update them and republish them.  

That’s all there is to it!  Repurposing is essential to keeping your content creation game strong.  Without repurposing, I think I’d need a full-time employee to just handle my social media!  Use these tips to simplify your process.

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3 secrets for repurposing social content


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