Positioning Yourself as a 6-figure Photographer

When you’re building your photography business and working toward the goal of becoming a 6-figure photographer,

it’s important to think about the BIG picture. 

How does everything you do fit together? Are there things – no matter how small – that don’t align with the brand you want to build? And is the brand you’re building attracting the kind of customers that will help you meet your earning goals? If these questions sound overwhelming, never fear! I’ve positioned myself as a 6-figure photographer and have found HUGE success – and today I’m sharing EXACTLY how you can embody these techniques, too!

First things first: the quality of your work MATTERS.

I could not charge what I do in my business if my pictures turned out blurry or I didn’t know how to light my subjects! Make sure your final products are professional-looking and polished. If you see areas you’d like to improve upon (and trust me, we ALL have them!), take a class or find a mentor who rocks at what you’d like to get better at. Remember, this step isn’t about PERFECTION – it’s about putting forth high-quality products that will get clients excited!

The second way I position myself as a 6-figure photographer is by providing excellent customer service. 

The customer experience goes SO FAR beyond their session with you. I always want my clients to feel cared for and valued from their first interaction with me (often via email) to their last meeting or art installation. To accomplish this in your business, I recommend making space in your business to really hone in on your desired customer experience. This can be as simple as setting up a system for responding to emails promptly. All the little details matter!

Lastly, as a 6-figure photographer, I’m intentional about my marketing materials. 

Everything I create for my business looks high-end because this sets up continuity across my branding. My clients expect to spend money because my presentation and delivery are thorough, professional, beautiful, and intentional. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a bunch of money on 24karat gold-foil business cards, but it DOES mean you need to think about all the ways your clients experience your business (through the internet, your studio, your communication, through YOU) and make sure the entire experience matches what you’d like to charge for your services and products. Ask yourself: does every part of my business have a 6-figure photographer experience?

Remember: even if you’re not hitting your profit goals or you’re not a 6-figure photographer yet, your quality of work, customer service and your marketing should still match up with the type of income you’d like to bring in! They say to dress for the job you want, not the job you have – and that’s so true for your business, too. Keep all these aspects consistent and professional and you’ll be WELL on your way to a 6-figure photography business.

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3 ways to position yourself as a 6-figure photographer


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