Why Business Education Matters

I absolutely L-O-V-E business education. I’m always signing up for online courses, booking trips for conferences, and even watching quick YouTube tutorials for all the things I don’t know. Being a lifelong learner isn’t just something I enjoy, it’s something I’m a huge advocate for as well.

I’m always encouraging the people around me to take a class or find a mentor, because in my own business and personal life, that’s what gotten me to the next level.

Today, I’m sharing four concrete ways that business education has helped me turn Meghan Doll Photography into something bigger than I ever thought it could be.



Things change fast in the photography business. By keeping yourself educated and on top of the latest trends, techniques and styles, you will be one step ahead of the pack. Many photographers out there don’t put in the time or energy to stay on top of their game. Don’t be like them! Get involved. Learn how to make a REEL. Figure out how to sell the artwork. Do something that will keep you at the top of mind of all your beloved clients. This is how you will truly stand out to them. By staying on top of your game! One of my favorite quotes in business goes something like this…

“The minute you think you’ve made it is the beginning of your downfall.” 

Scary, but remarkably true. By keeping engaged and continuously improving your skills and knowledge in your craft, you will always stay relevant in your field.


Why take the long road when you can get straight to the point? That’s exactly what business education does for you. And in so much less time! Great educators and courses answer your questions before you ask them. An excellent teacher will already know the most efficient way to get from A to B, cutting out all those missteps you might take on your own. 



There’s nothing better than the feeling you get after learning a new skill or watching yourself master something you never thought possible. Expanding your knowledge is such a huge confidence booster, and that confident glow will spread to all parts of your business and your life!

I know that, when I try and tackle something on my own, there’s always that nagging voice wondering if I’m doing it right, or if there’s a better way. But when I take the time to learn from a master, I KNOW I’m getting my business education in a way that has been proven to work. Plus, if I ever have questions or trouble, I’ve got a mentor I can always reach out to for guidance.


Business education has opened my eyes to a whole world of new interests that I would have never otherwise considered, like video for example. If something ever piques my interest, even a little, I’m quick to find a book, podcast, or class about it to see if it’s something I want to pursue further. Most of the time, it is and a whole new world is waiting there for me to explore. Not to mention a new offering for my business.

I love education so much that I’ve started my own venture – helping other photographers create the business of their dreams! If you want to get my tips and tricks for building a six-figure photo biz delivered right to your inbox, sign up for my weekly newsletter HERE.

I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with you!


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