3 Ways to Build an Aspirational Brand

Have you ever considered why certain brands make you feel the way they do? Creating an inspirational brand is one thing; it’s easy to inspire people with aesthetically pleasing pictures and themes. But what about an ASPIRATIONAL brand?

An aspirational brand strives for long-lasting and meaningful ways to connect and stay connected to it’s clients.

Aspirational brands don’t want a single social media like – they want continued interaction and long-term loyalty.

The consumer isn’t engaging yet, but may want to in the near future. Maybe you are high-end or luxury, and it’s the goal of your audience to afford your service. Maybe your product doesn’t fit their current lifestyle, but it fits how the audience sees themselves living in the future.

When you begin building a brand, you probably start by diving into your goals and vision – what are you hoping to accomplish? To start building an aspirational brand, take that one step further and think about how you will use that vision to connect to your audience. How will you show them that your brand will make their life better, easier, or more beautiful? Will they see your brand and feel that they need what you’re offering?

Inspirational and aspirational branding are equally important, but aspirational branding can be a little trickier to define and accomplish. Here are three tips to turn the heads of your aspirational audience:

1. Maintain Consistent Messaging

Make sure that your message is clear, consistent, and distinct. What makes you different from other brands with similar products or services? For the Meghan Doll Photography brand, I went beyond photography and created what I call “Heart Art” – artwork that’s meant to be displayed in the home for a heartfelt, emotional response. My message is centered around the family, and the love you feel when you see pictures of them. In my social media, I always try to keep my messaging centered around this idea.

2. Create a Matching Style and Feel

Once you have your message, take the time to create a coherent style and feel that reflects it. Just like my photography, the style you’ll find throughout my website portrays a clean, classic, and professional feel. These are timeless portraits that clients will invest in and display in their homes for years to come. My brand is recognizable across all platforms… which leads in to my last tip:

3. Display Social Media Content

In this day and age, promoting your brand on social media platforms is vital – it’s hard to reach your aspirational audience if they can’t see you! Your images should motivate them to learn more and aspire them to use your service or buy your product, and all of your social media pages should be able to go side-by-side and fit together in a harmonious way. When you’re consistent in your messaging and style, social media should be breeze. To see how I combined all of these tips to build my own aspirational brand, check out in Instagram feed at @lovemeghandoll.


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