Staying Connected at Home with the Kids

It’s strange out there, isn’t it? Suddenly, we’re all stuck at home, and probably going a bit stir-crazy by now!

There seems to be a million lists going around of things to do while you’re cooped up with little ones, so I thought I’d share my own take on ways you can stay connected while you’re stuck at home.

Write Letters

Snail mail may seem like a thing of the past, but nothing makes you feel special quite like getting a handwritten note! Not only will this be a little penmanship lesson while the kids are out of school, but it is a great way to let people know you’re thinking of them. This is especially great for grandparents who you may not be able to spend time with right now but who will appreciate a hand-drawn card more than ever. Incorporate some letter time into your kids’ daily schedule, just like they would be in art class at school. I actually received one from a dear friend, just the other day and it was such a welcome surprise.

Make Videos

Anybody else out there spending a little too much time on TikTok right now? If you or your kids are performers, now is your opportunity to shine. Whether it’s a song, a dance, or a fun little skit, putting on a show will not only get kids’ to use their creative muscles, but will surely entertain your loved ones as well. 

Want extra credit? Have the kids put on a show based on something they’re learning in science or history to make it extra-educational.

Virtual Playdates

Speaking of sharing videos on social media, why not try some activities in real time? We’re so fortunate to live in a time when friends and family are just a few buttons away. Coordinate with other parents and set up a time when everyone can hop on a FaceTime call. Your little ones are probably missing their friends, and they may not understand why social distancing is so important right now.

How are you handling your new at-home routines? Are you finding ways to keep things positive? I’d love to hear from you!


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