Ditch the HUSTLE, Keep the Business Success

Why oh why has the word ‘hustle’ made its way into our vocabularies next to ‘success’ and ‘entrepreneur’ and ‘business owner’?  This word is EVERYWHERE these days, and I am here to tell you – YOU DON’T NEED IT!!  Hustle culture keeps us in a cycle of burnout. We sprint and work hard and do all the things, only to get sick and sleep it off for a week or two.  Then we do it all again.  This cycle is not necessary to be a successful business owner and if you’re also sick of hustling to god knows where this one’s for you!

Here are three things to focus on when you feel like you get sucked in to hustle culture when what you really want is business success- 

Ditch the hustle for business success Tip 1: Find your WHY

Does this sound outdated?  It shouldn’t because if you don’t know why you’re in business, you’ll burn out over and over again.  When you’re crystal-clear on your WHY, it becomes easier to align your actions with intention.  To really simplify it, write down a few sentences about WHY you’re a photographer.  Keep these sentences handy! I recommend even posting them up on your wall in your home!  When you feel like you’re spinning and running yourself ragged in your business, take a moment to refresh yourself by connecting with why you do it all in the first place. This can also be an opportunity for a reality check; if the most stressful parts of your business don’t connect with your why they won’t be sustainable.  Take some time to ditch the hustle by examining how well your business success lines up with your ‘why’.

Ditch the hustle for business success Tip 2: Stay Connected

The second tip for ditching the hustle culture is to make sure you STAY CONNECTED.  When you’re caught up in the hustle, you’ll often feel disconnected from the things that matter to you most.  When you’re feeling disconnected, it’s easier to get sucked into the feeling that you need to hustle HARDER, and the whole thing just becomes a vicious cycle.  The cure for this is simple, but sometimes really hard to do: make sure you are staying connected to what matters most.  Take some time to establish some regular you-time and some soul-filling time with family and friends.  Take note of what helps you feel more connected and grounded and make sure whatever that is for you is incorporated into your weekly routine.  I promise this type of regular connection fuels your business success WAY more than any amount of hustle! 

Ditch the hustle for business success Tip 3: Make Your Self-Care Non-Negotiable

My last tip for ditching hustle culture and still having success in the photography business is this friendly reminder: without you, you don’t have a business!!  Think about making your business sustainable and taking care of yourself along the way.  Zoom out of the in-the-moment hustle to make sure you’re making decisions that make sense to your overall well-being and your goals.  Take breaks and make it fun! KNOW that you can make your business work FOR you, and it doesn’t have to involve you running yourself ragged.  

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