4 Tips for Easing Back to Work

Welcome back to the outside world! Who ever thought that leaving the house would feel so strange?

Don’t get me wrong…It’s wonderful to be back shooting in the studio, but I must admit, it does feel a little strange when so much is happening in the world around us. 

Since your office probably has it’s own guidelines for returning to work, this blog is more for you on a personal level – how to organize yourself, stay focused, and monitor your mental health.

But! Like most things in life, pandemics don’t last forever. And if we’re going to be stepping out, there’s a few things we can do to make the transition a little easier. Keep reading to find out what I’m doing to stay sane as real life starts again!

Have a Health Kit

A mask, hand sanitizer, wipes, even some vitamin C and D – whatever will make you feel safe (and whatever is recommended by health officials!) is important to have on-hand during your return to work. Keep some essentials at home, at your office, and in the car so that you can stay healthy on-the-go. It’s easy to neglect masks and sanitizing as businesses start to open back up, but it’s important to stay safe so that you can continue to enjoy life outside of your house! And, as always, mixing in fresh air and exercise will keep you healthy, too. Which leads to my next tip…

Keep Up Your Good Habits

Did you check out all those tips and tricks for staying productive at home? Like, wearing your work clothes instead of sweats, taking breaks outside, and sticking to a daily schedule? Those aren’t just great suggestions for remote work!

Everything you’ve done to ease yourself into life at home can be used to ease back into life outside, too. Set your alarms, put away the screens from time to time, and take some deep breaths. You can do this!

Go Slow & Be Flexible

Remember when you thought you’d never get used to working from home? Well, just when it seems you finally settled into a great routine, it might be time for you to return to the office. But don’t rush back to your 40+ hour work week just yet!

Just like how you gave yourself some breaks back in March, now is the time to cut yourself some slack, too. Try going in for half-days, or only a few days a week if you can; check emails at home, but save big projects for the office. Diving headfirst into the old way of working might be good for some people, but I bet most of us need an adjustment period. Be patient with yourself and your co-workers!

Get Your Group Together

Whether you’re ready to take advantage of open patios or you’re still sticking to Zoom, it’s more important than ever to keep your friends close. Maintaining your relationships with friends and family will not only help you relax and let off some steam, it can help you focus better at work, too! Part of working is having a work/life balance, so don’t feel bad about doing that online happy hour or putting away your computer for the weekend and catching up with friends.

Are you itching to get back to your office or will you be missing your time at home? Do you have your own tricks for settling back into work after being away for so long? I’d love to hear what you’re doing to make the transition not-so-scary!


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