5 Tips for Hanging Art… The RIGHT Way!

If you’re thinking of offering artwork to your clients, have you ALSO considered being their artwork installer?

Artwork is an amazing way for your clients to add some character and style to their homes, and if you can be their one-stop-shop for photos, prints, frames, and hanging, I guarantee your sales will soar! Any clients getting gallery walls – typically, four or more pieces – are given the option of having me come to their homes for a custom installation. It’s such a thoughtful touch that’s always a big win, and it saves everyone a big headache!

But, if you’re going to offer this service, it’s important that you do it the right way. That means hanging at the right height, putting the right number of pieces together, etc. Here’s a few tips that will help you do home gallery walls juuuust right.

1. Balance is key. Did you know that even asymmetric groupings can have balance? The trick here is to balance the weight of the images. If there’s a larger image, surround it creatively with smaller images; just remember, making sure the overall height of the collection suits the wall is one of the biggest elements of balance!

2. Use your furniture to frame the artwork. It’s important to consider the furniture when decided where to hang artwork – and this is where it’s helpful if clients send you photos of their homes so that you can factor in the surrounding area! Think of the credenza as an anchor for what lives above. It will help you not only determine the height and placement of the art, but the style, too.

3. Create a grid. In my mind, nothing looks cleaner than a classic grid of fabulous photos! Since grids like this are naturally balanced by the shape, it’s important to make sure to balance out the subjects of the photos (ex. making sure the photos with more white space are spread evenly throughout, or putting the images with pops of color in different corners).

4. Hang groupings in odd numbers. Call it Feng Shui or whatever you’d like, but here’s something about odd numbers that’s naturally pleasing to the eye. Consider having a main image that’s a little larger or hanging larger groups a little off-center and seeing what fits. This is a great option for odd spaces, like a staircase that’s going upwards.

5. Get the height right. There’s nothing worse that artwork that’s hung too high! The gallery standard for hanging artwork is 65” off the ground. However, it’s important to do what suits the room and to consider the angle that the images will be viewed from. Aim for hanging so the center of the image is at eye level. In the living room, bear in mind that people will mostly be seated, so the images can be a little lower on the wall.

If you can master the art of gallery walls, it’s will be an amazing offering for your photography business. It’s that personal touch and high-end addition that clients always LOVE – and you’ll get the bonus of seeing your photos in real life homes, which is such a great confidence boost! If you’re new to installing artwork, these five tips are a great start on your way to becoming a total pro.


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