Stress-Free Newborn Session


This fully-customizable  template gives your clients EVERYTHING they need to know in order to show up to their Newborn Session feeling relaxed and prepared.


Newborns: Stress-Free Client Template


Ready to impress your clients and fully prepare them for an easy-breezy newborn session?

This 5 page guide covers: 
• How to prep the baby 
• What to wear
• What to bring to the session
• What to expect at the session
Simply follow the Canva link to the template, or utilize the layered PSD files and customize with your branding, colors, and photos and voilà! You've got a professional guide to send to your clients.

*Note - this is a customizeable template.  The image above is an example using my own images.  You will need to add your own images.

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Meghan is the real deal.  Meghan has a career worth of experience and tricks to share. She shares everything. So glad I bought this!

The real deal!


I can’t say enough good things about all the information that Meghan shares!

Simply the best!

A phenomenal guide that will help clients from before the session takes place.

It's a must have!