3 Business Investments you Won’t Regret

How can you expect your clients to invest their money in you

if you can’t invest in yourself?


I mean really, right?! Think about that for minute. How can you expect your clients to invest in you, if you don’t even invest in yourself? This sentence speaks so much truth.

Investing in your business means that you believe so much in what you’re doing, that you go the extra mile… You learn the newest things, you inspire yourself daily, you put yourself out there. YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. You believe in yourself enough and know that what you are doing MATTERS.

Now I’m not saying you need to go out and buy the most expensive equipment, or invest thousands of dollar each month on a glamorous studio or all the latest and greatest software. But there are areas in your business that you need to create space for, and it’s in these areas where you need to invest your time, and sometimes your money.


Whether that’s tuning into live webinars, reading books, attending workshops or booking a mentor session with someone you look up to as a business owner – investing in your education and in yourself will only make you a stronger, more confident, skilled, KICK ASS boss babe. It’s so easy to get into the headspace where we think we can figure things out on our own, and some things we probably can! But as soon as you start believing that you know it all and you stop putting in the effort to make yourself better, that’s when you business will decline and the world will keep turning with or without you. Why would you not pay a little extra or spend a little extra time learning something that would take you wayyyyyy longer to figure out otherwise? It’s a no brainer for me. Whatever investing in your education looks like for you, do it. And do it often.

Online Presence

This is HUGE you guys. Especially in the modern, tech world we live in. This business livessssss on the internet. Whether it’s your Instagram, blog, website, Facebook, Pinterest…invest here. 80% of my bookings come from people finding me on Google, and my name popping up in a Google search bar did not happen over night! In fact, I invested so much time digging into the SEO of my website and my blog, all while paying for a course on SEO and paying my assistant to help and continue to implement all the knowledge we learned along the way. And it took YEARS! But you know what? All that time, energy, and money paid for itself in the just the first few bookings that I received from Google. Again, NO BRAINER. Invest time into what your speaking about on Instagram and what your feed looks like. Invest time into attracting your idea client. Invest time into making your website look bomb. Invest time into writing compelling, beautiful or educational blog posts. Whatever it is that drives your business, invest in it. And invest hard.


Most photographers use the same equipment, the same actions in Photoshop, the same presets, heck even the same website template! But no other photographer or business owner will ever be the same as you. So why not nourish that and invest in your own personal growth in order to wake up every day as your best self? Invest whatever you need to get yourself there. People can sense when someone isn’t being authentic, or real. Don’t be that person! At the end of the day, your clients are investing in you…not your fancy camera, not your thought out instagram feed, but who you are as a person and what you can bring to their lives.

Whatever investing in yourself looks like, do it. Whether that’s creating time and space to do the things that set your heart on fire, investing in a workshop to bring out the radiant creativity in you, or even just allowing time during your day to go to a yoga class or spend time in the sun. Whatever that looks like for you, do it. Trust me you are worth it. And. your clients will think so, too.


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